VIP Removalists Sydney Company Overview

Moving from one residential area to another can be tough especially if you have bulky assets such as furniture. However, the process can be made much easier with the services of professional removalists. If you are a resident of Sydney looking for expert removalists then you can trust VIP Removalists Sydney to handle your needs. We are truly one of Australia’s premier removalists companies and we have our professionals to thank for it.

You could be wondering why the heck we make such bold claim. Chances are that you have moved before or you know someone who did and were probably not happy with the quality of the services rendered. Well, that was unfortunate but we are confident that the services we offer are above board and soon you will realize why.

What Sets VIP Removalists Sydney Apart?

We have researched the market and found out exactly what our clients want then it comes furniture removal. Using the information, we have come up with some of the best removalists service to ensure all our customers are happy. In other words, we have tailored our services because we know each client has different removal needs.

  • Locally Based Sydney Removalists

Our services are locally based in Sydney, Australia. This means residents of Sydney and its suburbs can readily access out services because we are just phone call away. Apart from our headquarters, we have satellite removalists offices close to residential and commercial areas to ensure our services are as close to you as possible. This will make your work easier and save you time. Our services are located in Sydney West, Sydney South, Northern Beaches, Sutherland Shire and North Shore in New South Wales.

  • Fully Qualified & Professional

All contractors are professional removalists and members of Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA). While there is no government licensing to operate as a remover; being a member of AFRA required accreditation by the organization. A company has to meet several strict standards to receive the accreditation by AFRA and this is almost like licensing. These standards ensure members operate within certain guidelines for the benefit of clients as well as the professionals doing the job. The removalists association also requires that the people tasked with the responsibility of removing furniture are adequately trained.

  • 10 Years’ Experience

Our expert removalists are highly experienced in furniture removals. A common analogy is that practice makes perfect. We have put this to test and we believe it is true. With ten years’ experience moving furniture in Sydney, you can expect that we have learned much from our shortcomings and greatly improved in the quality of every removalists crew member. You can see from customer reviews and testimonials that we have kept improving and now we can confidently say we provide some of the best services you can ever hope for.

  • Fast and Affordable Quotes

VIP Removalists Sydney offers fast and affordable quotes. Money is quite hard to come by today and when it is there, it is too little to satisfy the seemingly endless financial needs. We pride in offering some of the most affordable and competitive quotes in the market. Even though we deliver premium services, we understand your financial situation and your need to safeguard the future of your family. Besides affordability, VIP Removalists Sydney also offers very fast quotes. Once you fill in the online form for quote, you will receive you quotes the same day. This can help you with financial planning.

  • Guaranteed Satisfaction

Last but not least, we can guarantee your satisfaction with every removalists service you use. We believe your assets including furniture are closer to your heart than many other things and therefore we do our best to transport them, protect them and deliver them in manner that satisfies both teams. If you get a chance to read customer reviews of our company then you will learn they were all happy with our services. This is also the reason why we have high approval rate, something which we are proud of. If you want to hire a removalists company always check reviews or ask friends for referrals .

The Services Offered

VIP Removalists Sydney offer a wide variety of services tailored to suit your individual needs. Discussed below are the services you can expect from us:

  • Local Removalists

In case you just want to move from one residential or commercial area within Sydney then you will easily access our professional team of local removalists. You can either call our professionals through the contact given or visit one of our office locations and speak to our team.

  • Interstate Removalists

We also offer interstate removalists for families moving interstate throughout the East Coast of Australia. There is no limit to where we can go and so you can trust us to take you there without any problems. All you need to do us call us.

  • Office Removalists

If you have a need to move your office from one location to another then you can trust a qualified office removalists team with the responsibility. We will ensure all your office furniture arrives at the new location safe and intake. We will even set the office up for you to ease your work.

  • Furniture Packing Services

One of the most difficult aspects of moving is packing things in a manner that will ensure they arrive at safe and sound at the new locations. Not only are our drivers dedicated removalists, they aslo double as professional packers. Well trained in packing your furniture in an appropriate and organized manner.

  • Furniture Storage

If you are moving into a smaller apartment or office then there may be a need to store some of your properties. VIP Removalists Sydney also offers storage services at very affordable costs. You can rest easy knowing that your properties are safely stored for you.

We know moving has never been easy but with VIP Removalists the process can be completed in no time. There is no reason for guesswork as to whom you should trust this responsibility. For expert furniture removal service at affordable cost with guaranteed satisfaction, there is just but one action you can take which is also the wisest decision.

Call our customer friendly removalists team today, share your needs and concerns and get your quote.