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Would you like us to help you with your packing? We offer affordable pre-packing and un-packing services for all Sydney customers. VIP Removalists Sydney have a team of experienced, trained packers who are skilled at packing any type of item. We have all the materials and a wide range of storage boxes to carry out any packing job, no matter the size.

Maybe you are unable to pack up yourself due to time constraints. Or maybe you wisely prefer to have your prized possessions packed by professionals. Whatever the reason, give us a call and we will come and do the job for you. We can pack (and unpack) as part of your home or office removal package; or we can pack as a stand-alone service. We can also pack your things to move into storage for you.

The precious and valuable effects in your home may be damaged if they are not packed properly. Similarly, most homes and offices contain fragile and odd-shaped items or delicate equipment that requires the extra care that our expert packers can provide.

We can also un-pack. Our unpacking services include helping to organise your new house or office. Our removalists will stack your kitchen items on shelves, put them away in cupboards. We can unpack children’s’ belongings and store them away in their bedrooms; unpack your clothes and fold or hang them in drawers, wardrobes etc.; fold your linen and make your beds. Whatever your needs, we can oblige. We only use the best materials and custom-made boxes to pack your things. We use ‘book boxes’; ‘wine boxes’; tea chests; carton cupboards for clothes (‘porta robes’); furniture and mattress covers; butcher packing paper; bubble wrap sheets; foam sheeting and every kind of adhesive tape, to make sure everything is safe during the move. We can also supply these materials for you to do your own packing. We pay proper care and attention to your most valuable and fragile items, such as chinaware and glassware.

Our Services

  • Furniture Packing
  • Pre-Pack All Furniture
  • UnPack at your Destination
  • Packing Materials Also Supplied – Boxes, Cartons, Tape and Bubble Wrap

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  • Professional and Friendly
  • 10 Years Industry Experience
  • Packing Experts
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  • All Sydney CBD Suburbs
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  • Western Suburbs – Inner West
  • Northern &  North Western Suburbs
  • Hills District, Baulkham Hills
  • Sutherland Shire, South East
  • Northern Suburbs

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