Frequently Asked Questions

We often receive questions from our customers. Below are a list of the most frequently asked questions we receive.

Q: What is the role of a professional furniture removalist?

A furniture removalist dismantles and re-assembles furniture including beds, wall units and desks among many others for easy transportation. He also packs and unpacks the furniture in relevant boxes to ensure they are safe during transportation.

Q: Why Use A Professional Removalist? 

A professional removalist will know how to safely dismantle and re-assemble items. A professional will also know how to pack these items so that no damage occurs while they are being transported to the new location.

Q:  What is Backloading?

It is an option offered by moving companies whereby a truck that is going back to the home base carries furniture for you on the return trip instead of returning empty. You only pay for the space in the truck if you take this option. This option saves you money since you will pay less and it is an opportunity for the company to make some extra profit.

Q: Should I Be Home During The Removals Process?

It would be best if you are home during the process so that we can know which furniture is to be moved and which ones to leave. we may also need information about any fragile items.

Q: Can I Pack My Own Furniture?

Yes. You have an option of packing your own furniture. However, if any breakages occur in the boxes, we will not be liable and the insurance will not cover any of the damages that occur in the boxes.

Q: When Should I Book A Removalist?

You should book as early as possible to ensure you get our services.

Q: How Much Does A Furniture Removal Cost?

For 2 men and a truck – from $99.00 per hour
For 3 men and a truck – $150.00 per hour

On weekdays, the minimum charge is for one hour and on weekends the minimum charge is for two hours. These prices may vary please contact us for current prices.

Q: Can You Relocate An Office?

Yes. We offer office relocation services too.

Q: Can You Provide Storage Facilities?


Q: Do You Provide Insurance?

No. We do not provide insurance for customers but we are insured for carrier’s liability, public liability and worker’s compensation. Hence if any items are broken while we are handling them we will compensate you after inspection.

Q: What Are Your Local Service Areas?

We offer our services throughout Sydney

Q: Do You Supply Packing Services & Materials?

Yes. The materials guarantee safe and convenient packing.

Q: Do You Supply Moving Boxes?

Yes. We supply a variety of moving boxes to fit different types of furniture.

Q: What Payments Do You Accept?

We accept EFTPOS, cash, cheque and credit card (Visa and MasterCard). For credit card payments, 2% fees is applied.


If you have a question that is not listed above please contact us to find out more. If you would like to send your question to use visit our homepage and either fill in your details or phone us direct on 02 8188 3994.